If we don’t buy a boat now, we never will

We had talked about buying a boat for at least 12 years, but it never quite happened. We did all the research, did all the sums and knew more about toilets than a normal person would admit to.

Then one day, we finally made the decision and before we knew it we had put a deposit down and the dream had turned into reality.

Yikes! What have we done?

tumbleweed side on

So now that we are boat owners, we want to share the journey with you. We know it won’t be plain sailing all the way but hopefully there will be plenty of good times to enjoy.


A new life afloat

NB Lillyanne

The Travels of Narrowboat Lillyanne


What's going on in Boatbird Land - Narrowboating and South Africa

Taking a Chance

A new life afloat

NB Festina Lente

A new life afloat

An Idiot Afloat

A new life afloat


'Begin at the beginning and go on till you get to the end: then stop' Lewis Carroll. Or before if we're cold, bored or broke.

Narrowboat Briar Rose

A new life afloat

Adventures Aboard AreandAre

Tales from Barry & Sandra of their quest to thrive in a parallel universe

Seyella's Journey

A new life afloat


A new life afloat

Living The Dream

A new life afloat

NarrowBoat Bones

A new life afloat

M. B. Willow

Life afloat on the 1935 ex-Severn and Canal Carrying Co. motor, Willow


A new life afloat

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